2015 Makes

My makes of 2015: 60s inspired frock

Alongside my Etsy shop, I try to make my own clothes whenever I get a chance. Sometimes I shout about them on Instagram (because hey, who doesn't like some nice strangers complimenting your sewing ability?!), but more often than not I'm wearing them so much I forget to document them anywhere! So, here's to you,… Continue reading My makes of 2015: 60s inspired frock

Becky QoF

Bridesmaids Skirts

It seems like Spring is in the air, and that bridal parties across the world are choosing their colour schemes! Luckily for me, Tiger Green (that's what this shade is called when it's painted onto a T1 VW camper van, anyway!) is definitely in vogue, so I've been making lots of these in all shapes… Continue reading Bridesmaids Skirts

Becky QoF

A few of my favourite things

As this blog is brand new to me, I thought it might be nice to introduce myself! I'm Becky, and I make beautifully finished women's clothing for my shop, Becky, Queen of Frocks. As you can probably imagine, I love sewing, but here are a few more of my favourite things, in no particular order....… Continue reading A few of my favourite things

Becky QoF

Printing my pineapples with Woven Monkey

Are you ready for the next instalment in my ‘behind the scenes of the pineapple skirt’ series? Yes? Fantastic! I’m lucky enough to live just a few miles away from Woven Monkey, which is the fab company that prints my fabric. So on a sunny Friday in July I headed over there with Charlie, who you’ll hopefully… Continue reading Printing my pineapples with Woven Monkey