Becky QoF

A few of my favourite things

As this blog is brand new to me, I thought it might be nice to introduce myself!

I’m Becky, and I make beautifully finished women’s clothing for my shop, Becky, Queen of Frocks.

As you can probably imagine, I love sewing, but here are a few more of my favourite things, in no particular order….


My dog, Scruffy. He lives with our family friends now (my parents emigrated a few years ago, so Scruffy got to move in with his best friend Duke the black lab). Here’s a photo of him trying his very best not to eat this chicken, which had recently escaped a friend’s garden and had to be rescued!


Silver shoes – they go with EVERYTHING! I have silver boots (for winter) and silver loafers (for all year round). Also they’re generally shiny, which means they wipe clean really easily. Boom!


Camping – here’s Mr Frocks with our awesome tent at Somersault festival last year. It was probably the MOST muddy we’ve ever been, but at least we had a beautiful bell tent to come back to!


Knitting fair isle jumpers – this is the first one I ever made, but I’m getting more daring in my designs each time!


This isn’t one of my favourites per se, but I thought it would be unreasonable to publish a blog post without at least one photo of me pretending to surf on a pig-shaped mini-bench. You’re all very welcome.


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