Hello, I’m Becky, and I make clothes. I sell some here, but I also blog about the things I make for myself. Pleased to meet you!

My husband and I moved to Paris in May of 2017, so I’m currently writing about the ups and downs of moving to a foreign country in your 20s. Spoiler alert: it’s amazing! If you’re thinking of moving to France, start with this post which tells you about some of the things you’ll need to consider. If you’ve already moved abroad but you’re finding it harder than you imagined, skip ahead to this post to cheer yourself up.

You can filter the posts you want to read using the ‘Categories’ option on the drop-down list. For example, you can click here to just see posts about life in Pairs, or here to see all my sewing tutorials. Maybe one day I’ll separate the two for more streamlined blogging, but at the moment I definitely don’t post frequently enough to warrant two separate blogs!

If you want to get in touch, either leave me a comment on a specific blog post, or contact me directly using the contact form below. I’m also on Instagram, and I’d love you to come and say hi on there too!



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