French: the language of fear

Throughout the world, French is known as that language of love. But for me, it's become the language of fear. When you move to a different country your first experiences with the language aren't over romantic dinners in intimate bistros, or reading the great literary works of Voltaire. Before you can do any of the… Continue reading French: the language of fear


Small business confidence

Although normally I'm a confident person, when I talk about my business I suddenly feel so shy and embarrassed. I find it hard to sum up what I do in a way that people in 'normal' jobs will understand (I use the word 'normal' here loosely, but you know what I mean). Since moving to… Continue reading Small business confidence


Top 5 tips for moving to Paris

Moving to Paris is crazy, fun, terrifying, name it, I've felt it. Here are 5 things I wish I'd known before we left: 1. Getting an apartment is hard, but not impossible. Landlords often demand 2 months' rent as deposit, and require that your salary is 3x your rent, so you may have to… Continue reading Top 5 tips for moving to Paris